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Mr Phillip Woodward
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Concerned about the speed of traffic in Pilsley?

Posted: Fri, 14 Jul 2017 15:54 by Phillip Woodward

Are you concerned about the speed of traffic in Pilsley?Would you like to assist in making Pilsley's roads safer for pedestrians and drivers?If so, how about joining Pilsley's Community Speedwatch initiative ?Community Speedwach is an initiative under which volunteers monitor the speed of vehicles in areas of concern to the public.Under the scheme, trained volunteers use a speed gun to monitor and record the speeds and registration numbers of speeding vehicles in an attempt to improve driver behaviour and get drivers to slow down. Drivers who are caught speeding receive a letter from the Police warning them of their behaviour and seeking their cooperation by reducing their speed in future.The aim of Community Speedwach is not to catch and prosecute as many speeding drivers as possible but to reduce traffic speed in areas of concern and to make drivers aware that excessive speed is socially unnacceptableAnyone interested in joining Community Speedwach is requested to contact either Pete Stevenson on 01773 872557 or Geoff McNeice on 01773 874656. Applicants do have to go through a Police vetting system and some basic training before being accepted as volunteers.

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