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Graffiti in Pilsley

Posted: Thu, 02 Nov 2017 16:27 by Phillip Woodward

Last week Pilsley was subjected to mindless acts of vandalism by young people from out of the village who sprayed graffiti on the skatepark, the Village Hall and on the play equipment at Morton Road Recreation Ground. It is understood that several private properties in the village were similarly affected.The graffiti on the skatepark is particularly obscene and the Parish Council is concerned that it could be distressing to younger users.The Council estimates the cost of removing the graffiti (ie materials and labour) to be in the region of £500. This does not include the cost of removing it from the private properties.The Police have identified the culprits and are dealing with the matter under the "Restorative Justice" arrangements under which the culprits will repair the damage to the injured party's (ie the Council) satisfaction.Pilsley's young people are respectful towards public and private property in this village and it is very upsetting that outsiders can come here and wreak such havoc.

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