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Dog Mess - Once Again

Posted: Wed, 07 Feb 2018 12:24 by Phillip Woodward

Below are a couple of comments received in recent days about dog mess being left on footpaths in the Village. These are just two of a flood of complaints that we have received.

'What is happening to all the dog poo that is been left on the public pathway from Queensway between the cemetery and Church street...its disgusting ... poo everywhere...wish i could catch them ... grrr'

'I would like to express my concern's about the state of our village with dog fouling. It's disgusting and getting worse. Queensway, Broom Avenue, Pea Tree Road to name a few problem areas.'

There is no excuse for failing to pick up dog mess left by your dog. There are free bags available for dog walkers at points around the Village and a costly network of dog poo bins in the Village.

Please do the right thing, think about others and pick up after your dog. This problem affects everyone!

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