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Graffiti at Pilsley Skatepark

The Parish Council regret that vandals have left their trademark on Pilsley Skatepark yet again, just months after the last lot was removed under the Probation Service Community Service programme. From the nature of the graffiti it is quite clear that the offenders come from within the village (unlike last time when it transpired it was committed by youths from elsewhere) and are of teenage years - ironically one of the groups the Parish Council targeted as benefitting the most from the skatepark.

Some of the graffiti is personal and offensive in nature and the Parish Council is determined that it will not put up with this kind of bullying, anti-social behaviour. The matter has been reported to the Police and if the offenders are traced, we will push for them to be prosecuted for criminal damage.

If anyone can help trace the offenders, please contact the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Parish Council. Anonymity will be guaranteed. The relevant telephone numbers can be found on this Parish Council website (councillors).

Posted: Mon, 18 Jun 2018 14:01 by Phillip Woodward

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