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Miners Welfare Sports Ground - Football Pitch Development

Miners Welfare Sports Ground - Football Pitch Development

The Parish Council are considering a proposal to create a junior football pitch on the Sports Ground at the Miners Welfare. To do this the adult pitch will need to be re-aligned and moved slightly. This will involve the removal of the benches and shelter which are alongside the pitch. It will be comparatively easy to relocate the benches, but a question has been raised about the future of the shelter (photo attached).

It was moved from its previous location on Sampson's Field several years ago following complaints, as it acted as a magnet for unruly youths and was a hotspot for anti-social behaviour. Since it was moved that problem eased considerably, but it appears that the shelter is little used in its current location.

The Council feels it has two options. The first is to move the shelter to an alternative location. The second is simply to scrap it and do without. In considering the former, the Council has to be mindful of the fact that if placed in the vicinity of existing or future housing, this may very well lead to a repeat of the situation we had a few years ago on Sampson's Field. This consideration would also include, for instance, the impact of moving it closer to the skatepark at the Miners Welfare. Although this would bring it closer to the new pavilion we also have to bear in mind that there are plans to build new housing on the adjoining field.

No decision has yet been made over this matter and the Council would like to hear from residents as to what their views are. Please either reply via this website or through the Council's Facebook page - all reasonable views will be considered and the matter will be discussed at a Council meeting in the near future.

Posted: Fri, 31 Aug 2018 16:22 by Phillip Woodward

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