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On Saturday 22nd September 2018 a group of metal detectorists descended on Morton Road Recreation Ground. During the course of their activities they dug divots in the play area and on the public footpath which runs through the park, obviously in an attempt to recover objects. Whilst some attempt was made to replace the divots, this has resulted in holes, some of which are quite large and which will only get bigger as winter draws on. There have been a number of complaints about this from residents and the Parish Council feels that it should set out its position over this activity.

The first and most important rule about metal detecting is that participants should seek the permission of the owner of the land they intend to target. This was not sought in this instance and had it been, given the nature of the recreation ground and the public footpaths running across it, it is unlikely that it would have been given.

Additionally, if anything of value is found by those engaged in the activity, this should be drawn to the attention of the landowner with a view to sharing any proceeds. People who witnessed the events on 22nd September report that items were retrieved, but no notification about what these were has been received by the Parish Council. Also, if anything of archaeological or historical value is found, it is the law that these should be reported to various official bodies. We will probably never know if any such articles were dug up.

There are rules governing the use of metal detectors and we would urge that anyone who is contemplating using them on Parish Council land should follow these rules. Primarily they need to seek permission BEFORE setting out, so their activities can be monitored to ensure they are acting within the law.

It is unlikely that the Parish Council would give permission to anyone planning to dig on the Morton Road, Sampson's Field and Parkhouse Recreation Grounds and the Miners Welfare Sports Ground. There are some smaller parcels of agricultural land owned by the Council but these are generally leased to others, so the leaseholder's permission would also need to be sought.

The person to contact to discuss whether permission may be given is the Parish Clerk, whose contact details appear on this web page.

Posted: Wed, 03 Oct 2018 14:18 by Phillip Woodward

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