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North East Derbyshire District Council - How About Some Consultation?

In our last newsletter we reported that we had contacted North East Derbyshire District Council during 2018 to register our concern about the car parking problems on Queensway and Padley Wood Road and had requested that off road parking areas be provided on some of the land available in these areas.

The District Council responded by saying that for various reasons they could not agree to the request.

With regard to Padley Wood Road the District Council stated that the large grassed area was considered to be a potential site for future housing development. They also refused the request to consider providing parking spaces in front of the bungalows on the basis that "it would create a precedent for similar developments in the area" i.e. everybody would want one.

This appeared to be the end of the matter, so imagine the surprise of residents when a team of contractors with heavy machinery arrived, unannounced and began digging up the large grassed area.

The result is that a number of parking spaces have been provided but not where the bungalow residents wanted them. The spaces are in fact closer to the houses on Padley Wood Road but these already have their own off-road parking spaces and the majority of them are privately owned

If the District Council's staff (or those of Rykneld Homes who manage the land) had bothered to consult either the Parish Council or the bungalow residents (or preferably both) then either a much preferable location for the spaces would have been suggested or a great deal of unnecessary expenditure could have been avoided.

Posted: Wed, 29 May 2019 11:08 by Phillip Woodward

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