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Derbyshire Clerk of the Year (Sponsored by Blachere Illumination)

On 22nd October parish councillors attended the Annual General Meeting of the Derbyshire Association of Local Councils (DALC). As part of the AGM a number of Excellence Awards are presented by DALC and we are very pleased to report that Phillip Woodward, the Parish Council's Clerk and Responsible Finance Officer, has been voted Clerk of the Year, an award sponsored by Blachere Illuminations.

The DALC accolade is reward for the diligence, dedication and commitment which Phil has displayed since his appointment in 2016.

Since starting with the Parish Council in March 2016 Phil has undertaken his duties with great enthusiasm and attention to detail, has given sound advice to our members, and regularly submitted easy-to-understand reports on complicated subjects.

His achievements to date include:-

  • resolving legal and financial complications on the skatepark project which he encountered on his appointment;
  • organising the supply and installation of £90,000 of play equipment on our three parks;
  • driving our pursuit of quality status in our obtaining the Local Council Quality Foundation Award and our application for the second stage Quality Award;
  • preparing and updating twenty policies including our Business Plan which we regard as our "bible";
  • organising the installation of CCTV in three locations;
  • writing articles for our quarterly Newsletter;
  • administering and regularly updating our website.

His greatest achievement has been in delivering our new sports pavilion, a feat which had eluded the Parish Council for many years. In addition to arranging, overseeing and dealing with the financing of the building project Phil brought in £300,000 of grant aid from seven different funding bodies.

Since being nominated for the award Phil has coordinated our fight to oppose Staffa Health's proposed closure of the Doctors' Surgery and continues to work on this with the diligence which DALC and the sponsors, Blachere Illuminations, have recognised in this award.

Posted: Thu, 24 Oct 2019 12:38 by Phillip Woodward

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